A score for a short film I done for college!

Some spacey sci-fi sounds for your ears!


Quantum Sphere - “The Space Adventures of Pyjama boy” 2011

01- The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy
02- The Fornax Void
03- Fractal Dimensions
04- Perplexia
05- Interplanetary Probe
06- Error
07- Tachyon Pulse Induction Protocol
08- Amastia
09- Attack Ships on Fire off the Shoulder of Orion

Guitars - Joe Pearson
Bass - Greg Knox
Drums - Mark Smith

All songs written by Quantum Sphere.

New Quantum Sphere tune!

Quantum Sphere - Perplexia | QuantumSphere

Quantum Sphere’s Perplexia in super high quality on soundcloud!

Listen to us here!